Small Business/Entrepreneurial Services

The SDPDD Small Business Center meets with clients at no cost on a one-on-one basis for individuals interested in starting a small business, and/or expanding or purchasing an existing business. We advise entrepreneurs on the requirements for and methods of obtaining SBA loan guarantees, bank loans, FHLB of Dallas matching grants, and loans from other institutions including South Delta Planning and Development District.  Popular areas of counseling requested are; Business Start-up Assistance, Business Plan Development, Identifying and accessing sources of capital, Business Valuation, and analyzing Financial Records.

Chuck's SBA Award

By Appointment Only

Mondays – Greenwood/Leflore/Carroll Economic Development Office in Greenwood

Tuesdays – Cleveland WIN Job Center

Wednesdays – South Delta PDD Workforce Office

Thursdays – Batesville WIN Job Center

Fridays – Indianola WIN Job Center

Contact Chuck Herring at 662-207-1103